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    USA Business Trust Declaration and Agreement


    Use this template Business Trust Declaration and Agreement to set up a U.S. business trust to protect your assets and reduce taxes.

    • The trustees will hold all property, income and profit of the business in trust for the beneficial shareholders.
    • The trustees are authorized to sign documents, hold title to property, buy and sell property, conduct business, commence or defend litigation, adopt and enforce bylaws and regulations, and carry out other actions in the name of the Trust.
    • Shareholders are not liable, and every obligation entered into by the trustees must stipulate in writing that the shareholders are not liable for any debt or liability incurred in connection with such obligation.
    • Trustees are only liable for their own actions, and not for the actions of the other trustees. No trustee shall be personally liable for any act or duty carried out on behalf of the Trust.

    Don't pay more taxes than you need to. Set up your trust with this USA Business Trust Declaration and Agreement.

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