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    Employee Manual Template


    This ready-made Employee Manual is a comprehensive template of policies and procedures you can use for your company.

    The Manual covers all of the general topics related to employment matters including:

    • expectations of both the employer and the employee with respect to job performance,
    • benefits packages,
    • vacation, holidays and paid leave,
    • personnel administration,
    • performance review process,
    • insurance coverage (medical, long-term disability, etc),
    • profit sharing and incentive programs,
    • professional code of conduct,
    • company meetings.

    This Employee Manual template is a fully customizable MS Word document.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 03-October-2017
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    Canada Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement (Corporate Redemption Method)


    Would your business survive the death or retirement of one of the owners? Provide for the continued existence of the business with this Canada Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement (Corporate Redemption Method).

    • The corporation obtains life insurance policies on each of the shareholders and uses the proceeds to fund the redemption, acquisition or cancellation of the corporation's shares.
    • Upon the death of a shareholder, the corporation redeems the deceased shareholder's shares and makes an election that the deemed dividend is to be paid from the capital dividend account to the extent possible.
    • The Agreement contains several different options for methods of valuating the shares.
    • The Agreement is made pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada).

    The Canadian Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement (Corporate Redemption Method) is available as a downloadable and fully editable MS Word template.

    Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy


    Learn the Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy with this 8-page article written by an expert business lawyer.

    • The aim of the article is to help small business owner-managers prepare a succession plan to ensure that their businesses continue to thrive after their departure.
    • These top 10 tips can help you put together a successful exit strategy that not only addresses your personal needs, but is also in the best interests of the business.
    • The author is an Ontario lawyer whose main focus is small businesses.

    Download a copy of Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy and start planning yours.

    Office Policy Manual


    Office managers can prepare a concise Office Policy Manual for their workplace with this ready-made template which includes sections on many topics, such as:

    • working environment,
    • proper business conduct,
    • how the company deals with problems with an employee's performance of the job,
    • holiday and vacation time,
    • benefits package,
    • harassment,
    • pay scales,
    • incident reporting procedures,
    • on-the-job training and educational assistance.

    Every workplace should have a Policy Manual for its employees and managers to follow. You can download the template immediately after purchase.