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    Product Placement Agreement for TV Series


    Obtain the rights to use branded products in an episodic television series with this Product Placement Agreement template.

    • The product owner agrees to provide certain products to the production, in return for an opportunity to cultivate brand awareness of its goods in the viewing public.
    • The producers are granted the rights to use the products and their related trademarks and logos for purposes of production, distribution, advertising, promotion and exploitation of the series. The rights do not include merchandising and co-promotion puproses.
    • The producers have full creative control over the series and do not guarantee that the products or the service marks will be used in the final filmed version.
    • It is up to the director's discretion whether or not to include the products and brands in the episode. The brand owner has no rights or remedies against the producers if the director decides not to show the product and/or brand marks on camera.
    • The producers agree not to modify or alter the products or marks.
    • The brand owner indemnifies the producers against liability, damages or claims with respect to the use of the products and marks.
    • The document includes a 2-page confidentiality agreement prohibiting the product owner from disclosure of any confidential information belonging to the producers.
    • Any disputes arising under the agreement will be sent to binding arbitration.
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    Last Updated: 11-September-2018
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