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    Product Placement Agreement for Film


    Get clearance to show branded products in a feature film with this comprehensive Product Placement Agreement.

    • The product owner grants the film producer the rights to use the product and related service marks for purposes of production, distribution, advertising, promotion and exploitation of the motion picture, as well as merchandising and co-promotion purposes.
    • The producer retains creative control over the film and is under no obligation to use the product in the theatrical version of the film and the product owner has no rights against the producer if the product is not used.
    • The product owner indemnifies the producer against liability, damages or claims with respect to the use of the product.
    • The producer indemnifies the product owner against third party claims for injury, death or property damage in connection with the making of the film.
    • Both parties agree to keep all information regarding the film and the agreement confidential. The producer will be entitled to injunctive relief if the product owner breaches the confidentiality provisions.
    • The producer agrees to not represent the product or the brand marks in a disparaging manner in the film.
    • Any disputes arising under the agreement will be sent to binding arbitration.
    • The agreement is governed by California law but also contains additional paragraphs to be used if the production is out of state or out of country.
    • Product placements are attractive to most brands because they're a low-cost high-visibility means of advertising. Buy and download this Product Placement Agreement for your next film project.
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    Last Updated: 09-August-2022
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