Film Production Logs and Forms

Outfit your production office with these affordable, easy-to-use template forms for motion picture and television productions.

  • Casting and call sheets
  • Daily reports and shooting logs
  • Petty cash and expense forms
  • Script breakdowns
  • Pre-production and post-production forms
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Actor & Character Personal Props List

Create a Personal Props List for each actor in a film or television production with this easy-to-use template form.

  • The props list allows the Props Department to track personal props by actor and/or character.
  • The tracking list helps to ensure that all the items are on set before filming each scene.
  • This is a MS Word template which can be filled in electronically or printed out in blank and filled in by hand.

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Adult Film Production Agreement

Hire an independent filmmaker to produce feature films and videos for the adult market with this Adult Film Production Agreement template.

  • The filmmaker (producer) will produce the films for a studio that produces and markets a variety of adult products for sale through retail outlets and online.
  • The producer agrees to produce and deliver a minimum number of films during each year of the term of the Agreement. Each film will be produced in two versions, one hard and o.....

Cast and Crew Call Sheets (Film and TV)

Prepare Cast and Crew Call Sheets for a film or television production with these template forms.

Keep track of:
  • the names of all cast and crew from all departments (including extras and stand-ins),
  • cell phone numbers,
  • set calls,
  • shuttle calls,
  • makeup calls,
  • advance shooting,
  • shoot times and wrap times.

Get a copy of the Cast and Crew Call Sheets for your second AD.


Casting Sheets for Principal Actors and Extras

Write up a casting sheet for each of principal actors and extras in a film or television production with these template forms.

A casting sheet must be completed for each member of the cast and kept on file with the business office. The file contains two templates:
  1. one for principal actors,
  2. one for bit players and extras.

The Casting Sheets for Principal Actors and Extras are downloadable easy-to-use MS Word templates.


Code of Conduct for Film Crew

Film crews aren't always welcomed with open arms when shooting on location. Write up a Code of Conduct for your crew with this easy-to-use template.

  • The Code of Conduct is to be followed by all cast and crew during filming in order to promote a harmonious relationship between the production crew and residents and businesses located in the filming area.
  • Crew members are prohibited from trespassing on any private property other than the location where shooting is schedu.....

Costume Size Sheet for Film Production

Create Costume Size Sheets for each cast member in a film or television production with this template form for the wardrobe department.

The worksheet tracks:
  • each actor's size for all items of clothing,
  • sizes for hats and gloves,
  • hip and bust measurements.

The Costume Size Sheet for Film or TV Production template is an affordable option for projects with teeny budgets. Download a copy for your wardrobe department.


Daily Mileage Sheet (Film or TV Production)

If your crew members are using their own vehicles during production, have them track their mileage with this free Daily Mileage Sheet, which logs:

  • the starting point and destination for each trip,
  • the purpose of each trip,
  • total miles or kilometers traveled each day.
Once the form is filled out, it's signed by the employee, approved by the appropriate parties and submitted to the accounting department.

Print out multiple copies of the Daily M.....


Daily Production Log for Film Production

Prepare a Daily Production Log on a film or television production shoot with this easy-to-use form for tracking:

  • number of scenes shot,
  • number of script pages shot,
  • gross and print film footage shot,
on each shooting day for the duration of filming.

Download the Film Production Daily Production Log form - it's free so no matter how small your production budget is, you can afford it!


Daily Production Report for Film Shoot

You can't budget properly if you don't know what each day's production is costing you. Use this Daily Production Report form to track the following items per shooting day:

  • crew calls,
  • script pages,
  • scenes,
  • setups,
  • retakes,
  • stills,
  • film stock,
  • in-out times,
  • meals,
  • overtime for all cast and crew,
  • extras,
  • absences,
  • delays in shooting.
The form also inc.....

Extras Breakdown Sheet for Film Production

Do an extras breakdown for or TV production with this downloadable form.

  • The breakdown sheet can be extended for as many shooting days as are on the schedule.
  • The breakdown tracks how many and what type of extras and background are required for each script page.
  • This is a digital form that can be filled in on a laptop or tablet or used as a pre-printed sheet to be completed by hand.

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