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    Release of Liability Form for COVID Test (Minor Child) | Canada


    If you provide COVID tests to minor children, protect yourself from claims with this Release of Liability form for Canadian test providers.

    • The parent of the child acknowledges they are aware of the contagious nature of the disease and the risks of exposure from the child attending on the test provider's premises for purposes of the test.
    • The parent acknowledges that the test provider does not guarantee the validity of the test and that a negative result could be a false negative.
    • The parent accepts sole responsibility for checking and complying with the requirements of any particular airline or country of destination, if the test is for purposes of international travel.
    • The parent agrees that a positive test result will be shared with the appropriate health authorities.
    • The parent will indemnify and hold the test provider and its employees and stakeholders harmless against any costs or expenses, and releases the test provider from any liability or claim for damages for illness, injury, disability, death or property damage.
    • The parent will ensure that the child and the family members comply with all federal, provincial and local laws, orders and guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19, including those involving travel
    • This is a Canadian legal template which can be used in any province or territory, except for Quebec where a French language version may be required to comply with provincial laws.
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    Last Updated: 17-January-2024
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