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    Technology Assignment Agreement


    Transfer technology and associated intellectual property to another party under this Technology Assignment Agreement.

    • The developer of the technology also assigns all of its moral rights, to the extent allowable by law.
    • In exchange for the assignment, the assignee issues the developer shares in the assignee's company.
    • The developer agrees not to disclose any information about the technology or intellectual property to third parties.
    • You can edit the Assignment of Technology Agreement to tailor it to your exact circumstances.
    • This is a generic legal form that does not contain country-specific language.
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    Last Updated: 25-September-2017
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    Letter of Intent to Purchase Assets of Business


    Are you in negotiations to purchase the assets of a business? Set down the terms of your offer in writing with this Letter of Intent template.

    • The letter of intent is not a contract and is not legally binding, except as it relates to the negotiations between the parties, such as confidentiality provisions.
    • In this template, the buyer intends to incorporate a new company which will purchase all of the assets and goodwill of the business from the seller.
    • The letter has a built-in expiry date, which will take effect if the parties fail to execute and deliver a formal Purchase & Sale Agreement within a specified number of days.
    • If the buyer is willing to proceed and the seller fails to go through with the transaction, the seller will pay the buyer's costs and a percentage of the purchase price as liquidated damages.

    Putting a Letter of Intent in place indicates to the seller and to other interested parties that you intend to complete the purchase of the business assets and allows the parties to move forward on related matters on that basis. Buy and download the template today.

    Technology Transfer Agreement


    License your technology and know-how to a manufacturer who will manufacture and sell your products under this Technology Transfer Agreement.

    • The manufacturer is granted an exclusive license to use the technology and know-how within a defined territory.
    • The owner of the technology (the grantor) will provide all required technology, training and technical assistance.
    • The manufacturer will pay the grantor a royalty on each sale of products within the territory.
    • Either party may develop improvements to the products, and must disclose such improvements to the other party.
    • On improvements developed by the manufacturer, the owner will have the exclusive royalty-free license outside the territory, and the manufacturer will have the exclusive royalty-free license inside the territory.
    • The parties will jointly perform verification tests on the products.

    Add the Agreement to your cart, check out and download the form. It's easy to tailor the Agreement to your exact specifications.

    Canada Property Transfer Agreement


    Set out the terms of a transfer of depreciable property as part of the sale of a business with this Canada Property Transfer Agreement.

    • The parties agree that the property is being transferred at fair market value.
    • The purchaser agrees to issue shares in its capital stock to the seller and assume any outstanding encumbrances on the property as payment of the purchase price.
    • The parties agree to make a joint Section 85(1) election under the Income Tax Act (Canada).
    • The parties mutually indemnify each other with respect to the transfer.
    • The agreement sets out the manner of arriving at an agreed amount for depreciable property subject to subsection 85(5.1) of the Act, and eligible capital property subject to subsection 248(1).
    • The parties intend that the purchase price for the assets be an amount equal to the fair market value of the assets at the date of the agreement.
    This Canada Property Transfer Agreement template is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your circumstances.