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    Temporary Staffing Agreement


    Create a placement contract between a personnel agency and its client with this easy Temporary Staffing Agreement template.

    • The personnel agency will supply the client with qualified temporary workers who will fill short-term temporary positions.
    • The staffing arrangement is made on a non-exclusive basis, and either party may supply or obtain similar services to or from other sources.
    • The client can screen potential candidates through reviewing resumes and personal interviews.
    • The client will not pay the employees directly. The personnel agency is responsible for paying the employee's wages and for deducting personal income taxes and other required deductions.
    • The client is responsible for training and supervision of employees.
    • The client may terminate the assignment if an employee is unsuitable and will not be billed for the employee's time, provided that the termination takes place within two working days of the beginning of the assignment.
    • The agency disclaims any liability for loss or damage in circumstances arising under no fault of the agency.
    • This Temporary Staffing Agreement template is provided in MS Word format and is fully editable to fit your unique circumstances.
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    Last Updated: 16-September-2021
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