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    Annual General Meeting Forms Package | UK


    Prepare the documents needed for an annual general meeting of a UK private company with this package of template forms.

    1. Board of Directors Resolution to call the meeting,
    2. Notice of Annual General Meeting,
    3. Consent to Short Notice,
    4. Limited Proxy to be used by ordinary shareholders who are unable to attend the meeting,
    5. Minutes of Annual General Meeting, covering the business which properly comes before an annual meeting.

    The Companies Act 2006 removed any statutory requirement for private companies to hold AGMs, however if your company's Articles have such a requirement then you must still hold the meeting until the Articles are amended.

    The United Kingdom Forms Package for Annual General Meeting of a Company is available as a downloadable and fully editable MS Word document.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 02-July-2018
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