UK Tenancy Agreement for Introductory or Secure Tenant


Prepare a Tenancy Agreement for an introductory or secure tenant quickly and easily with this downloadable template for UK council housing.

  • This legal document template can be used in both England and Wales.
  • The tenant is responsible for maintaining the interior of the premises and for repairing and paying for damage caused by the tenant.
  • The council is responsible for maintaining and repairing the exterior of the premises.
  • The council is not liable for damage caused by fire, flood or accident. Tenants must arrange for their own insurance.
  • If the tenancy is an introductory tenancy, it will automatically become a secure tenancy after a 12-month trial period if the tenant does not default in his/her obligations and the council has not begun eviction proceedings.
  • The agreement contains a section on the rights of tenants, and includes a Premises Condition Report form.

This sample UK Tenancy Agreement for Introductory or Secure Tenant saves you time in preparing your tenant paperwork and saves money on solicitors' fees.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016