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    Academic Research and Writing Agreement


    If you research and write academic papers, such as theses, essays and dissertations, you need this Academic Research and Writing Services Agreement template.

    • The writer's ability to deliver the services may be restricted by the policies and regulations of the educational institution. By signing the agreement, the student warrants that the writer's delivery of the services will not violate any such policies.
    • The writer does not guarantee that the student will receive a particular grade or achieve a specific goal with the work provided.
    • The writer gives no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, and is not required to verify it.
    • The student indemnifies the writer against any claims arising from the delivery of the writing services.
    • This is a generic contract form that is not specific to any country or jurisdiction and can be used anywhere.
    • Get this Academic Research & Writing Services Agreement signed before you begin the project to ensure that you'll be paid for the work you've done. If the student fails to pay, you will have grounds for a legal claim.
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    Last Updated: 05-April-2018
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