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    Acknowledgement of Copyright in Artwork


    When original art or photos for publication, protect your copyright in the work by having the publisher or editor sign this Acknowledgement of Copyright in Artwork at the time you submit the work.

    • The publisher / editor acknowledges that you are the owner of the copyright.
    • The publisher / editor agrees that the work will not be used for any purpose other than for the publication.

    Don't run the risk of losing your rights in your own work. Always get the Acknowledgement of Copyright in Artwork signed when you submit original art to any person, firm or website.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Certificate of Authenticity of Limited Edition Work

    Prepare a Certificate of Authenticity for a limited edition art work with this ready-made template.
    • The Certificate can be attached to each copy in a limited edition series of artwork. Each reproduction produced from the original must be certified as authentic and numbered as part of the series, for example, in a series of 200, the limited edition reproductions are sequentially numbered 1/200, 2/200, 3/200, and so on.
    • The Certificate also certifies that the plates or other materials used to make the reproductions have been destroyed, and that each of the pieces is signed by the artist.
    This Certificate of Authenticity of Limited Edition Work template is available in MS Word format and can be printed out and filled in by hand, or completed on your computer.

    Commission Contract for Original Art


    Artists, do you accept commissions for custom artwork? Protect your ownership rights in the work with this template Commission Contract for Original Art.

    • The commissioned work will be based on preliminary designs by the artist which have been approved by the client.
    • The client agrees to pay the artist's reasonable expenses in connection with the creation of the work, and will pay for any shipping costs.
    • The artist is responsible for insuring the work until delivery.
    • The artist agrees to assist in installing the work if required.
    • Payment will be made in installments, the first upon signing the agreement, the second upon approval of the preliminary design and the balance upon completion of the work.
    • The client can terminate the contract if a preliminary design cannot be agreed upon, or if the artist fails to complete the work as or when agreed.
    • The artist can terminate the contract if the client does not make a payment as agreed.
    • The artist reserves the copyright and the right to a commission on any resale of the work.
    This Commission Contract for Original Art template is a generic legal agreement which can be used almost anywhere.

    USA Website Development Agreement


    USA web developers, write your customer contracts with this comprehensive Website Development Agreement template.

    Provisions of the Development Agreement include:
    • coordination of contract services between designated personnel of the web developer and the client;
    • procedure for change orders;
    • details of specifications and timing for deliverables;
    • web site hosting;
    • usage reports;
    • confidentiality and nondisclosure clauses;
    • ownership rights.
    This USA Website Development Agreement is provided in MS Word format, and is totally editable to meet your exact needs.

    Graphic Design Project Agreement


    Write up a contract to develop a project for a client with this customizable Graphic Design Project Agreement template.

    • This is a generic legal agreement which is not country-specific and can be used anywhere.
    • Any changes to the specifications must be by change order and will constitute additional work and incur additional fees.
    • The designer will work up preliminary design sketches at the outset of the project, and will present proofs for the client's approval at each stage of the project development.
    • The template contains alternate clauses covering the client's reproduction rights to the project, depending on whether the client will have unlimited or restricted rights.
    • The designer retains ownership of all original artwork designed for the project.
    • The designer warrants that the project will conform to the specifications, and the designer's liability is limited to adjusting the project to make sure it conforms.
    • The client warrants that all materials it supplies to the designer are owned by or licensed to the client.
    • The template includes a Contract Change Order form.

    This legal contract clearly defines each party's obligations, and protects your rights to your original work. Get the Graphic Design Project Agreement template and use it for all of your projects.