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    Alberta As-Is Real Estate Purchase Contract


    Sell a property in Alberta on an as-is basis with this Alberta As-It-Stands Real Estate Purchase Contract

    • Purpose of Agreement. This type of contract is often used to buy land with no buildings (vacant lots, parking lots, etc.), or to buy a lot on which the building will be demolished.
    • For Sale by Owner. This is an FSBO (for sale by owner) contract. Since the property is being sold by the vendor (seller) without being listed through a realtor, there are no commissions payable on the sale.
    • Acknowledgement of Inspection. The purchaser acknowledges having inspected the property and is offering to buy the property as it stands (as is).
    • No Representations. The purchaser agrees that the vendor has not made any representations or warranties regarding the property or any lands in close proximity which might directly or indirectly affect the property, other than what is set out in the contract.

    This Alberta As-It-Stands Real Estate Purchase Contract is in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your circumstances.

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    Last Updated: 02-February-2021
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