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    Alberta Cohabitation Agreement


    Do you and your significant other live together? Are you planning to? If you live in Alberta, you should sign this Cohabitation Agreement.

    • A cohabitation agreement is an effective means for any couple to determine what happens with respect to property division and spousal support if they split up.
    • The Alberta Matrimonial Property Act does not apply to common law couples. An agreement can ensure that your home and other assets are divided fairly.
    • You can also set out how your children will be raised, supported and cared for.
    • Before signing, you will need to see a lawyer to obtain independent legal advice. For your convenience, the template includes a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice for each party.
    • If you're not sure how your joint property will be dealt with if your relationship ends, buy and download the Alberta Cohabitation Agreement. Then sit down with your partner and tailor it to fit your wishes and needs.
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    Last Updated: 21-January-2021
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