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    Alberta Hybrid Amalgamation Forms Package


    Prepare documents required to amalgamate two affiliated Alberta corporations with this Hybrid Amalgamation Forms Package.

    • A hybrid amalgamation is one between two corporations who are affiliated (in other words, one corporation owns shares in the other). The following forms are included in this package:
      1. Amalgamation Agreement;
      2. Statutory Declaration of a proposed director of the amalgamated company regarding the financial status of the new company;
      3. Corporate Resolutions of both amalgamating corporations, approving and authorizing the amalgamation.
    • These forms are only intended to be used for companies incorporated in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
    • An amalgamation doesn't have to cost you a fortune in legal fees. Save time and money, buy and download the Hybrid Amalgamation Forms Package.
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    Last Updated: 07-May-2021
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