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    Alberta Offer to Purchase Interest in Crown Leases


    Use this downloadable template to make an offer to purchase an interest in crown leases in the Province of Alberta.

    • Allocation of Purchase Price. The offer details how the purchase price will be allocated between petroleum and natural gas rights, tangibles, and miscellaneous interests.
    • Interest Calculations. This sample offer letter includes two interest clauses - one for no interest, and one for interest to be calculated from the effective date to the date before closing.
    • Formal Agreement. If accepted, the offeror will prepare a formal purchase and sale agreement.
    • Conditions Precedent. The offer is subject to:
      • the offeror performing a satisfactory due diligence review of all books, files, records, and contracts;
      • the offeror receiving all necessary regulatory approvals;
      • a satisfactory environmental audit by the offeror;
      • the vendor being satisfied that Alberta Energy will approve the transfer.
    • Jurisdiction. The offer form is written to be used in the Province of Alberta but can be modified for use in other Canadian provinces.
    • How to Get the Form. You can download the MS Word template immediately after purchasing it.
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    Last Updated: 05-July-2021
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