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    Alberta Share Subscription under Offering - Seed Capital Exemption


    This Share Subscription form is to be used for exempted purchasers under the seed capital exemption of the Alberta Securities Act.

    • The subscription is for securities issued under an offering memorandum to residents of Alberta.
    • The subscriber acknowledges that he/she is purchasing securities under an exemption based on the fact that he/she is a sophisticated purchaser, as defined in the Act, and does not require the information that would otherwise be required under the law.
    • The subscriber represents that he/she has the investment acumen to assess the offering on the basis of previous experience or advice he/she received.
    • The Share Subscription for Seed Capital Exemption can be used as many times as you require. Download it immediately after purchase.
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    Last Updated: 19-March-2021
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    Alberta Share Subscription under Offering - Sophisticated Investor Exemption


    Use this Share Subscription form for investors under an offering memorandum who qualify for the 'sophisticated investor' or '$97,000' exemption of the Alberta Securities Act.

    • This form should only be used if the aggregate subscription price is at least $97,000.
    • Under this exemption, the issuer is not required to provide the subscriber with the same information regarding the offering that would otherwise be required by law.
    • The securities are being purchased by the subscriber solely as an investment.

    You can download the Alberta Share Subscription (Sophisticated Investor Exemption) form by adding it to your cart and checking out via our secure transaction server.

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