Alberta Special Warrant Indenture Package


Prepare a Special Warrant Indenture between an Alberta corporation and a trustee with this package of forms.

  • The corporation will issue special warrants entitling the warrant holder to one common share and a fraction of a share warrant.
  • The Trustee is appointed to hold, administer and disburse dividend funds, and to hold the proceeds of the offering in escrow until closing.
  • Immediately prior to the expiry date, the rights of all holders of special warrants will be deemed to be exercised without any further action on the part of such holders.
  • Warrant holders who exercise their warrants will become entitled to distributions from any dividend funds or other distributions to be made to shareholders of the corporation.
  • The package includes a Special Warrant Certificate form, a Transfer of Special Warrants form, a Warrant Exercise form, and an Exercise of Repurchase form.

Raise capital from investors with the Special Warrant Indenture Package for Alberta issuers.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016