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    Booking Agreement with Nightclub


    Whether you're a booking agent or a band leader who books your own gigs, you can use this downloadable Booking Agreement to book a club engagement for a band or musical artist.

    • The nightclub contracts for the services of a band, singing act, or musician for a specific period of time (a week, a month, etc) or for a specified number of performances. Provisions of the Agreement include:
      • what happens if the nightclub defaults in its obligations;
      • time and length of the band's breaks or intermissions;
      • rules applying to the performance, such as dress, behavior, general conduct;
      • commission payable to the booking agent (if applicable);
      • a blank contract rider form, which can be used to add additional terms for either the club or the band.
    • You can personalize the agreement for each club or venue and tailor it especially for your agency (or for your band, if you don't use an agent).
    • Available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 05-May-2022
    SKU: 4843
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    USA Musical Artist Management Agreement


    Provide management services to bands and musicians under the provisions of this Musical Artist Management Agreement for USA talent managers.

    • The manager will provide a full range of management and promotional services, career advice, professional guidance and business acumen.
    • In return for the services, the manager will receive a percentage of the musician's gross earnings.
    • If the musician incorporates a company to run the business through, the manager will also be entitled to shares in the company.
    • The contract is exclusive to the artist (i.e. the artist will not have anyone else managing his/her affairs), but the manager is at liberty to provide the same or similar services to other performers.
    • The musician appoints the manager as its attorney-in-fact to sign contracts on its behalf.

    You can make additions, deletions or changes to the USA Musical Artist Management Agreement template to make it a perfect fit with your business and services.