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    Broadcast License Agreement for TV and Internet


    Grant a license to cable and satellite networks to show a movie on television and online with this TV and Internet Broadcast License Agreement.

    • The motion picture distributor grants the licensee the right to distribute and broadcast its films via basic cable, pay TV, subscription TV, pay per view, satellite and internet transmission.
    • The licensee will have the authority to edit the motion pictures as required to comply with censorship requirements, to translate and dub the soundtrack, and to create derivative versions of the pictures.
    • As consideration for the rights granted, the licensee will pay a specified license fee for each film. The agreement contains an alternate provision under which the licensee can issue shares to the licensor as payment for the license fee.
    • The distributor will pay for all production costs to produce the motion pictures. The licensee will pay for all scanning, editing and duplication costs, as well as paying the license fees.
    • This Television and Internet Broadcast License Agreement is a valuable addition to any filmmaker's movie contracts set.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 12-March-2024
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    Definition of Net Profits (Film Distribution)


    This is a 5-page schedule that defines and clarifies what constitutes net profits, receipts, and expenses in a film distribution agreement.

    This schedule can be attached to any film industry contract in which fees, royalties and other payments are calculated based on income derived from:
    • license fees,
    • residuals,
    • distribution fees,
    • theatrical and/or non-theatrical receipts,
    • television and video receipts,
    • other income from the film except for excluded items and net of any distribution expenses, taxes, and other costs.

    The Definition of Net Profits template is provided in MS Word format, and can be customized for your film distribution contract.