California Mortgage Broker Agreement


Mortgage brokers in California can sign up clients for their services with this customizable contract template.

  • The borrower retains the broker as its exclusive agent for obtaining mortgage loan approval from a lender.
  • The broker will obtain a credit report and property appraisal, and prepare the loan application.
  • Provisions covering the broker's compensation based on the rate and fee combination that the borrower chooses.
  • The broker agrees that no hidden compensation will be received from the lender or any other source.
  • The borrower agrees to provide the broker with truthful and complete information as required for the purpose of the loan application.
  • The broker stipulates that there is no guarantee or promise that the borrower will obtain a mortgage loan as a result of the broker's efforts.
  • The parties agree to binding arbitration in the event of a dispute.

You can download the Mortgage Broker Agreement right after you purchase it. See how easy your client paperwork can be with a good digital template!

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016