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    Broadcast Recording Agreement for TV or Radio Program | Canada


    Do you produce television or radio programs in Canada? Use this template to prepare a Broadcast Recording Agreement for musical artists who appear on those programs.

    • The artist allows the producer to record a performance solely for use in the broadcast and re-broadcast of the program.
    • The artist also grants the producer the right to use the artist's name and likeness to promote the program.
    • All recordings of the broadcast, in any format, are the property of the producer. The artist will be credited on all transcripts of the program containing the performance.
    • The agreement is non-exclusive and the artist has the right to record to record the material for any other party.
    • The artist retains an option to purchase the master recording of the performance.
    • This is a ready-made template that saves you time writing your performer contracts.
    • This contract was written to comply with Canadian laws.
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    Last Updated: 16-January-2021
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