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    Cease and Desist Letter for Copyright Infringement | Canada


    Issue a Cease and Desist Letter for Copyright Infringement with this template for copyrights registered in Canada.

    The Cease and Desist Letter can be prepared and sent to the infringing party by either yourself as the owner of the copyright, or by your lawyer. It contains the following:

    • details of the owner's copyright in the work (written, music, art, video, etc),
    • details of the infringing use of the work,
    • a demand to cease and desist from any further distribution or other use of the copyrighted material,
    • a demand that the infringing party provide information concerning the extent of the use, together with all undistributed copies of the material.

    This Canada Cease and Desist Letter re Infringement of Copyright template is fully customizable to fit your specific circumstances.

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    Last Updated: 02-March-2021
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