Canada Consulting Agreement for Software Development


Canadian software consultants can use this comprehensive template to prepare Consulting Agreements for clients that they are developing software for.

  • This legal document template can be used in any province or territory.
  • The consultant is not subject to supervision by or instructions from the client.
  • The consultant indemnifies the client against claims by Revenue Canada for employee deductions, and against claims for damages, loss or injury caused by the consultant's employees.
  • The consultant and its employees are bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure provisions with respect to the client's information and data.
  • The client is the sole owner of all deliverables under the contract.
  • The consultant will not solicit staff or customers of the client.
  • The consultant provides no warranty of the deliverables and assumes no risk or liability for risk or injury resulting from the use of the deliverables.

Download the Consulting Agreement for Software Development immediately after you purchase it.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016