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    Canada Family Trust Annual Resolutions


    Prepare annual resolutions for a family trust in Canada with this easy-to-use forms package which contains:

    • Trustee resolutions naming the records office, appointing the accountants, and confirming the acts of the trustees.
    • Trustee resolutions resolving that all income allocations and expense payments required to be made have been or will be made for the year, and that the trust will not be liable for income tax under Part 1 of the Income Tax Act.
    The Canada Family Trust Annual Resolutions package is a downloadable MS Word file containing all of the resolutions. Fully editable and easy to use.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Canada Irrevocable Discretionary Trust Deed


    Set up an Irrevocable Discretionary Trust with this template trust deed for Canada.

    • A discretionary trust is also called a blind trust because the beneficiary has no information about the assets in the trust or how the trust is administered.
    • The settlor (the person setting up the trust) is the sole beneficiary of the trust and cannot act as a trustee.
    • The division date will occur either upon the death of the beneficiary or on the 21-year anniversary of the establishment of the trust, whichever is earlier.
    • The settlor reserves no powers or rights, and shall receive no benefits, income or capital of the trust fund in his/her capacity as settlor.
    • This trust cannot be revoked.
    • During the lifetime of the settlor, no income or capital of the trust shall be distributed to the settlor's spouse or a minor child of the settlor unless the distribution does not result in attribution of income or gain to the settlor under the Income Tax Act (Canada).

    This Canada Irrevocable Discretionary Trust Deed is a good strategy to use when it's important that the beneficiary not be aware of what assets are held in the trust so as to avoid any claims of conflict of interest.

    Canada Family Trust Forms Package to Replace Trustee


    Appoint a trustee for a family trust to replace one who is resigning with this package of forms for Canada, which includes:

    1. Appointment and Replacement of Trustee form.
    2. Consent to Act as Trustee.
    3. Resignation of Departing Trustee.
    4. Trustee Resolutions to be signed by the new trustee and the remaining trustees.
    The Canada Family Trust Forms Package to Replace Trustee is a MS Word download. All forms are contained in one file.

    Trusts and Tax Planning in Canada


    Learn about the various trust structures available to Canadians, and their tax benefits to the individual or business.

    This guide contains information on:
    • family trusts (bearer, inter vivo or "living" trusts and testamentary),
    • real estate investment trusts (REITs),
    • royalty trusts,
    • income trusts.
    Trusts and Tax Planning in Canada is provided by McClure Financial Services Ltd. and contains information relevant to Canadian residents and is in Adobe PDF format.

    Ontario Cohabitation Agreement


    Cohabiting couples in Ontario can establish their rights and obligations and the ownership of their separate and joint property in a Cohabitation Agreement, under section 53 of the Family Law Act.

    • The Agreement allows you and your partner to specify which assets each of you owned prior to the relationship, and which are jointly owned by both of you.
    • You can also set out how your joint assets will be distributed if you decide to end the relationship.
    • You can also agree upon how household expenses will be split, and who is responsible for other debts. For instance, if your partner owes money on a student loan incurred before you met, he/she may be solely responsible for paying it off.
    • If the two of you decide to get married, the Cohabitation Agreement becomes a prenuptial (pre-marriage) agreement.
    • You will both need to get independent legal advice from a lawyer before you sign the Agreement. A Certificate of Independent Legal Advice is included for each of you, which the lawyer will sign after seeing you.

    Ontario law treats married and cohabiting couples differently with respect to property rights. Make sure yours are protected - get this Ontario Cohabitation Agreement.