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    Master Franchise Agreement | Canada


    Canadian franchisors can appoint a master franchisee who will sell franchises for them under the terms of this Master Franchise Agreement.

    • The master franchisee will operate on a non-exclusive basis within a specified territory.
    • The master franchisee has the right to use the franchisor's logos and marks, to establish and operate franchise centres within the territory and to license other franchisees to operate those franchise centres.
    • A franchise fee will be paid for each franchise sold, plus a continuing royalty.
    • The franchisor will provide an initial training program.
    • The master franchisee is responsible for ensuring each franchisee operates in accordance with the system developed by the franchisor.
    • The agreement contains provisions concerning design and construction of franchise centres.

    Add the Master Franchise Agreement template to your shopping cart, go through the checkout, download and customize it for your franchise business.

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    Last Updated: 14-January-2021
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    Franchise Agreement | Canada


    Canada Guarantee and Indemnification by Franchisee


    Bad things happen when a franchisee can't meet its obligations. That's why you need to get your franchisees to sign this Guarantee and Indemnification.

    • This is a Canadian legal form.
    • A principal of the franchisee company guarantees the franchisee's obligations and payment of all amounts payable under the Franchise Agreement.
    • The franchisee company indemnifies the franchisor against losses or claims arising as a result of any default on the part of the franchisee.
    • The franchisee also acknowledges and agrees to be bound by its covenants as set out in the Franchise Agreement.

    Requiring all franchisees to execute a Guarantee and Indemnification gives you legal recourse if a franchisee goes under or can't perform its obligations. You can download the form immediately after purchase.