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    Offer to Lease Undeveloped Commercial Space | Canada


    Make an offer to lease an undeveloped commercial business premises in Canada using this comprehensive template.

    • The form can be used to make a leasing offer on retail, office or warehouse space in an undeveloped or partially developed commercial property, or for additions to existing commercial land and buildings.
    • The offer is contingent upon the landlord providing a satisfactory Phase I Environmental Assessment Report and survey plan.
    • The offeror (tenant) will provide financial statements, architectural drawings, development and building permits, and construction contract.
    • The lease must be guaranteed by a principal of the tenant (such as a director, sole proprietor, partner, etc).
    • This Offer to Lease form is downloadable, fully customizable and easy to use.
    • The template can be used anywhere in Canada. English language version only.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 06-May-2021
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