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    Road Use Access Agreement | Canada


    Allow rig workers and other essential persons the right to use the roads on your property under the terms of this Road Use Access Agreement for Canada.

    • This form of Agreement is typically used by Canadian land owners to give oil and gas companies vehicle access over private farm land in order to service their wells located on the rural property. Getting a signed contract in place beforehand ensures that your interests and your farm land are protected.
    • The party being granted access (the Grantee) agrees to comply with all municipal load limits and other regulations in place regarding use of the road.
    • The Grantee will repair any damage to the road caused by its workers, vehicles or equipment.
    • The Grantee will indemnify the land owner against any legal claims or expenses.
    • The Grantee must carry adequate liability insurance during the term of the Agreement.
    • The Access Agreement for Road Use is a Canadian legal document and can be used in most provinces and territories across Canada. A French language translation may be required for use in Quebec.
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    Last Updated: 06-May-2021
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