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    Commercial Lease Contract for Beijing Premises | China


    Lease a business premises in Beijing to a tenant with this comprehensive template China Commercial Lease Contract.

    • The tenant is responsible for payment of electricity, telephone and other such charges. The landlord is responsible for paying taxes and other fees levied with respect to the leased premises.
    • The landlord will pay for all repairs and maintenance to the structure and fixed apparatus if the damage is not the fault of the tenant.
    • The tenant is responsible for its own insurance.
    • The tenant must not transfer, sublease or share the premises with any other party.
    • The tenant has a pre-emptive right to renew the lease, or to purchase the premises if the landlord intends to sell.
    • The tenant will be granted a rent-free period to refurbish and redecorate the premises for the tenant's purposes.
    • This English language template is prepared in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China. A Chinese translation of the document may also be required for it to be legally enforceable.
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    Last Updated: 06-June-2022
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