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    Co-Tenancy Agreement


    Prepare a Co-Tenancy Agreement between a landlord and two or more tenants with this easy-to-use template.

    • A co-tenancy agreement is ideal for a landlord who rents to college or university students, as it allows for changes in tenants as some roommates leave and others move in to take their place, without having to prepare a new rental agreement each time.
    • The agreement amends the original rental agreement by allowing additional or substitute co-tenants to be added, with the landlord's approval.
    • The agreement covers each roommate's responsibility for paying their share of the security deposit and other charges.
    • The agreement also covers the procedure for a departing co-tenant, and the addition of a new or substitute co-tenant.
    • This Co-Tenancy Agreement template is provided in MS Word format. It is generic in nature and is not specific to any country or region.
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    Last Updated: 25-July-2021
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