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    Colorado Beneficiary Deed Forms


    Make sure your real estate property passes to the beneficiary you choose when you die with these Colorado Beneficiary Deed forms.

    • You must complete, sign and record the beneficiary deed (also called a Transfer on Death Deed) with the County Recorder's Office during your lifetime. It cannot be recorded after your death.
    • Even though the title is transferred to your beneficiary, you still retain ownership rights over the property and you can deal with it as you see fit without the consent of the beneficiary.
    • You can revoke the transfer at any time by recording the enclosed Revocation of Beneficiary Deed.
    • Note that in Colorado, executing a Beneficiary Deed means your home is no longer an exempt resource for Medicaid and you run the risk of losing Medicaid.
    • The Colorado Beneficiary Deed Forms are downloadable MS Word templates.
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    Last Updated: 19-March-2021
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