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    Commercial Plumbing Installation Contract


    Plumbing contractors, write up an agreement to install plumbing in a business premises with this Commercial Plumbing Installation Contract template.

    • The Installation Contract sets out the scope of work to be performed, including rest rooms, boilers, water heaters, pipes, drainage, etc.
    • The plumbing contractor will provide a release and waiver of lien claims for each portion of the work as progress payments are made, with a final release of claims to be provided upon receipt of final payment.
    • If a work stoppage results which is outside of the contractor's control, the contractor is entitled to immediate payment of the full amount of the value of work already completed up to the date of the stoppage.
    • If the worksite is damaged or destroyed by any reason other than the contractor's negligence, the owner will pay for any additional work required to restore the site to its prior condition, up to a maximum of 20% of the contract price.
    • The contractor's warranty covers repair or replacement of defective or malfunctioning equipment and fixtures for a stated period of time following completion. The plumbing contractor will assign all manufacturer's warranties to the site owner.
    • The template also includes a Change Order Form.

    Writing a customer contract doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. See how fast and easy it can be with this downloadable Commercial Plumbing Installation Contract template.

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    Last Updated: 23-May-2021
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