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    Definition of Gross Receipts After Breakeven (Film Distribution)


    This Definition of Gross Receipts After Breakeven clarifies how breakeven points, receipts, distribution fees and expenses, film rentals, and other revenues and costs will be treated and applied under a Film Distribution Agreement.

    • The document should be attached as a schedule to your Distribution Agreement.
    • The schedule sets out how license fees will be allocated when the fees apply to more than one motion picture.
    • Foreign receipts are not included in gross receipts until the sums have been received in US dollars or used by the studio for production or acquisition of films or property which can be legally exported from the country of origin.
    • The studio has complete authority to distribute and license exhibition of the Picture.
    • Participants have no right, title or interest in the motion picture, and no lien rights on the gross receipts or net profits.

    The Definition of Gross Receipts After Breakeven template is a downloadable and customizable schedule you can use with your film distribution agreements.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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