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    Electronic Waste Collection and Recycling Agreement


    This Collection and Recycling Agreement is between a recycling plant and a collection business which will pick up and deliver electronic waste to the facility.

    • Obligations of Waste Collector. The collector will pick up and deliver the electronics to the recycling depot, and will be responsible for storage and transportation until the items are delivered.
    • Obligations of Recycler. The recycler will process the electronic waste and issue certificates of recycling.
    • Renewal. This is an annual contract which renews automatically unless cancelled or terminated.
    • Indemnification. Each party indemnifies the other party against lawsuits, claims, damages, costs, and expenses.
    • Force Majeure. The agreement contains force majeure provisions to cover unavoidable delays or a party's failure to perform its obligations which are outside of its control.
    • Ownership. Title to the recycled items passes to the recycler upon delivery.
    • Obtain a Copy. Recycling plants should have written contracts in place with all their suppliers. Download the digital template immediately after purchasing it.
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    Last Updated: 12-October-2017
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