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    Equine Adoption Agreement


    Adopt out horses from a horse shelter and rescue organization with this downloadable Equine Adoption Agreement template.

    • The adopter agrees not to sell or transfer ownership or possession of the animal at any time. If the adopter cannot continue to provide care and shelter for the horse, ownership and custody will revert back to the shelter.
    • The adopter must provide proper feed, shelter, pasture, farrier and veterinary care for the horse in order to maintain its good health and safety.
    • The shelter has the right to inspect any facility where the horse is being stabled, and has the right to take possession of the horse if it determines that there is abuse or neglect of the animal.
    • The adopter must keep the horse up to date on all vaccinations, veterinary and farrier care.
    • The adopter agrees not to breed the horse under any circumstances.
    • If the adopter must voluntarily surrender the horse back to the shelter, the adopter must give the shelter proper advance notice and is responsible for paying for all transportation costs for the horse's return.
    • The Agreement includes a sample Equine Adoption Policy.
    • This Equine Adoption Agreement is provided as a downloadable and fully customizable MS Word template.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 04-July-2022
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