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    Exclusive Dealership Agreement


    Suppliers, sign up a dealer to exclusively handle your products in a defined territory with this Exclusive Dealership Agreement template.

    • The supplier appoints the dealer as its sole distributor to promote and distribute its products within the territory.
    • The dealer is an independent contractor and has no authority to bind the supplier in any way, to enter into contracts or sign anything on behalf of the supplier.
    • The dealer is responsible for paying its own expenses with respect to the dealership.
    • The supplier has the right to accept or reject purchase orders as it sees fit.
    • The dealer is responsible for promoting and advertising the products in the territory, and has the right to promote itself as an authorized dealer of the products.
    • The Exclusive Dealership Agreement template is available as a fully editable Microsoft Word download.
    • This is a generic legal form which can be used in many jurisdictions.
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    Last Updated: 23-February-2021
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    Canada Exclusive Manufacturing Licence


    License the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of products in Canada with this Exclusive Licensing Agreement.

    • The Agreement is between a party involved in the research and development of a product (the licensor), and a party who wants to acquire the exclusive right to manufacture, market and distribute the product within a defined territory (the licensee).
    • The licensee is granted patent rights and the right to utilize the licensor's trade secrets, processes, techniques and other proprietary information in order to perform its obligations under the Agreement.
    • The licensee is not an agent of the licensor.
    • The licensee will pay a royalty to the licensor, calculated as a straight percentage of gross sales made by licensee and any subsidiary, affiliate or related company of which the licensee holds a majority share interest.

    Get your product to market. Download the Canada Exclusive Licensing Agreement and start the manufacturing and distributing process right away.