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    Exclusive Manufacturing Rights Agreement


    Sell exclusive rights to manufacture your products within a defined territory with this Exclusive Manufacturing Rights Agreement.

    • Parties. The Agreement is between (i) a party which has developed specialized technical know-how (the seller), and (ii) a buyer who manufactures and sells its products within the territory, but wants to obtain the exclusive right to manufacture the seller's products as well.
    • Know-How. The seller will fully disclose to the buyer's personnel its technical know-how, specifications, processes and other required data to enable the buyer to manufacture the seller's products.
    • Non-Disclosure. All of the seller's information will be kept confidential by the buyer, not to be disclosed to third parties.
    • Royalty. The buyer will pay the seller a percentage of net monthly sales, calculated on predetermined sales levels.
    • Minimum Targets. The buyer must meet minimum sales targets.
    • Export Rights. The seller reserves the right to export products and sell them in territories outside the buyer's territory.

    This Exclusive Manufacturing Rights Agreement is in MS Word format, and is fully editable.

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    Last Updated: 11-May-2021
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