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    Fruit Picker Waiver and Release Form


    If you allow people on your property to pick and harvest fruit, you can protect yourself against injury claims by having them sign this Waiver and Release form before they enter the property.

    • This Waiver and Release form is intended for self-harvesting operations, where the public can pay to pick their own fruit.
    • The picker agrees to follow all rules and regulations set down by the farm, and to use all equipment safely and with due care and attention.
    • The picker releases the farm from any liability for loss or injury in connection with picking, harvesting or eating the fruit.
    • The picker acknowledges the risks involved in being on the property, including risks involving equipment, livestock, dogs, trees, brambles and weather, and assumes all risks associated therewith.
    • The picker agrees not to make any claim against the farm and indemnifies and holds the owners of the farm harmless against any claims or demands the picker may have now or in future.
    • This Fruit Picker Waiver and Release Form is a generic legal document which does not contain references to specific laws and can be used in many regions.
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    Last Updated: 24-June-2021
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