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    General Terms Governing Bid Solicitations


    Are you responsible for preparing RFPs and bid solicitations for your business? Make your life easier - download this sample set of General Terms and Conditions governing bid solicitations.

    The Terms and Conditions include:

    • standards of performance that the winning service provider must attain,
    • procedure for audit and document retention,
    • compensation and payment,
    • expenditures not appropriated during the current fiscal year are subject to appropriation in subsequent fiscal year budgets,
    • events of default, consequences of a default by the bidder, and remedies available to the organization,
    • confidentiality, ownership of confidential information,
    • the bidder's representations and warranties,
    • indemnification of the company by the bidder,
    • the bidder's obligation to carry insurance, and types and minimum amounts of coverage required.

    Writing RFPs doesn't have to be tedious and time-consuming. Get your copy of the General Terms Governing Bid Solicitations today and see how much easier it can be.

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    Last Updated: 13-April-2023
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