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    Illinois Crop Share Farm Lease


    Lease Illinois farm land to a tenant on a sharecropping basis with this Illinois Crop Share Farm Lease.

    • The tenant agrees to pay the landlord a share of the crops grown on the leased lands as rent.
    • In addition to the crop shares, the tenant agrees to pay a certain amount per acre for land used for pasture, hay and silage. Rent will be paid in a series of installment payments.
    • The tenant agrees to store the landlord's share of the crops, provided that it does not exceed a certain percentage of the storage available to the tenant.
    • Each party will provide certain items of equipment, materials, and labor, and will pay a share of the expenses to run the farming operations.
    • The tenant agrees to use the land for agricultural purposes only, and to farm the land in accordance with proper farming practices.
    • The tenant is responsible for obtaining crop, liability, property damage and workers' compensation insurance.
    • The parties will share in the decision making and management of the farming operations to the extent set out in the lease.
    • The landlord has a lien on the crops as security for the rent payable under the lease.
    • Available in MS Word format and fully editable to fit your needs.
    • Intended to be used only for land located in the State of Illinois.
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    Last Updated: 30-March-2024
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