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    Illustration Commission Agreement (Royalty Payments)


    Commission an artist to illustrate your book, e-book or other publication with this Illustration Commission Agreement (Royalty Payments).

    • The artist will be paid an ongoing royalty (based on net profits from sales of the book) for the author's use of the illustrations in the book.
    • If the artist's work is also used in connection with any merchandising, the artist will receive an additional royalty from the sale of the merchandise.
    • The author or publisher must provide the artist with a statement of net sales and royalties accruing for each payment period.
    • The artist will be credited each time the illustrations are used.
    • The artist will retain ownership of and copyright in the illustrations. The work done under the contract is specifically stated NOT to be a work for hire.
    • The artist warrants that the illustrations are original and not derivative, and that he/she is the sole owner.

    If you'd like to use your money to pay for publishing your work instead of paying lawyers to write contract forms for you, you'll love this ready-made Illustration Commission Agreement (Royalty Payments).

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    Last Updated: 22-March-2021
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