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    Special Power of Attorney to Buy Property | India


    Appoint an agent as your attorney to handle the purchase of real estate in India for you during your absence with this Special Power of Attorney to Buy Property.

    • This Special Power of Attorney form gives your attorney the power to:
      • execute and file necessary transfer and mortgage documents to complete the purchase,
      • pay out money in your name,
      • arrange for utility accounts and insurance,
      • pay taxes, charges and legal fees with respect to the transaction,
      • and to do all other things necessary to complete the purchase and take possession of the property on your behalf.
    • The form is available as a fully editable MS Word template and is easy to download and use.
    • Instructions are included for proper execution and notarization, for both Indian residents and expatriates.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 03-January-2024
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