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    India Website Development and Design Agreement


    Prepare a development contract for a customer with this template Website Development and Design Agreement for companies based in India.

    • The client retains the developer to design and develop a website, and provide other services (such as hosting, optimizing, marketing, etc.). Development guidelines will be developed jointly by the parties.
    • Payment will be made in several installments, as various phases are completed. The developer will retain ownership of the website until final payment has been made.
    • Quality checking will be performed by a third party approved by the client.
    • The client grants the developer the right to add the client's website to its portfolio and client list.
    • The client warrants that the content on the site does not violate any local, national or international law, is not infringing, and is not illegal, harmful, hateful, obscene, threatening or libelous.
    • The client indemnifies the developer against loss, damage or costs arising in connection with the website or the client's content thereon.
    This India Website Development and Design Agreement is provided in MS Word format, which can be easily converted to html for posting on your website.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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