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    Infrastructure Services Agreement


    This comprehensive template Infrastructure Services Agreement for ISPs lets you draw up a contract for a client quickly and easily.

    • The service provider will provide a range of service which may include Internet access, telecommunications, network services, email services, web hosting, dedicated servers, co-location services, data management, etc.
    • Fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis prior to the delivery of services, except for usage-based services which will be billed at the end of each month in which those services were provided.
    • Either party may terminate the Agreement for cause. If the customer terminates early without cause, the customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee as equitable compensation to the service provider.
    • The service provider may use both its own equipment and customer-provided equipment to provide the services. Customer-provided equipment may be taken by the service provider as security for unpaid invoices.
    • Each party must maintain its own general liability and all risks insurance.
    • The Agreement contains provisions covering:
      • intellectual property ownership
      • confidentiality
      • indemnity
      • limitation of liability
      • force majeure.
    • Available in MS Word format and fully editable to fit your exact circumstances.
    • This is a generic legal contract which does not contain references to the legislation of any specific country or region.
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    Last Updated: 08-February-2023
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