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    Internet Film Distribution Agreement


    Distribute independent films for streaming and downloading over the Internet with this Internet Film Distribution Agreement.

    • The distributor will distribute the film over its websites for personal, private, non-commercial use by its subscribers.
    • The distributor has the right to distribute the film in any format, and to authorize its customers to copy the film onto DVD or other format for viewing on TV, computer or other device.
    • The distributor pays the subscription fees from customers into a pool, from which license fees are paid to all filmmakers whose films are distributed through the distributor's websites.
    • Royalties are allocated among the filmmakers after deducting the distributor's costs and its percentage distribution fee.
    • The filmmaker has the right to audit the distributor's books and records once each year during the term of the Agreement. The filmmaker agrees to keep all of the distributor's information confidential and not to disclose any or all of it to any other party.
    • The distributor will implement copyright protection measures to protect against unauthorized copying of the film.
    • The filmmaker indemnifies the distributor against losses and damages arising from any claims with respect to its use of the film.
    • Don't miss out on income from distributing films online. Get an Internet Film Distribution Agreement in place with a distributor today.
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    Last Updated: 30-May-2022
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