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    Introductory Business Letter Templates


    Market your business, products and services to clients with these Introductory Business Letters.

    • Use the first template to introduce yourself and your business to prospective new clients.
    • Use the second letter template to tell your existing customers about new programs, services and product offerings.
    • Both templates contain a request to meet with the recipient, provide them with an information package or submit a proposal.
    • Buy the forms once, use them as often as you desire.
    • You can personalize these Introductory Business Letters for each new prospective customer. Customize and copy them to your company letterhead or emails.
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    Last Updated: 18-September-2018
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    Letter of Intent for Exclusive Supply and Development


    Work out the terms of an exclusive supply and development agreement with this Letter of Intent template.

    • Parties. The parties to the proposed agreement are (ii) a supplier with a product which has potential commercial application and (ii) a developer which will develop, test, produce and distribute the product.
    • Obligations. The obligations of each party are set out with respect to costs and development of a working prototype.
    • Patents. The supplier will retain title to all patents on the product.
    • License. The supplier will grant the developer an exclusive worldwide license to sell the product.
    • Confidentiality. Mutual confidentiality undertakings.
    This Letter of Intent for Exclusive Supply and Development Agreement is generic (not country specific) and fully editable to fit your particular circumstances.