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    Manitoba Cohabitation Agreement


    Manitoba law treats common law relationships of 3 years or longer the same as legal marriage, and you could end up losing all or part of your separately owned assets if you separate. You should consider signing a Manitoba Cohabitation Agreement.

    • The purpose of a Cohabitation Agreement is to determine who owns what, how jointly owned property will be distributed if the relationship ends, and what each partner's responsibilities are to raise and support their children.
    • Whatever assets a partner brought into the relationship will continue to belong to that partner. The other person has no ownership interest in them.
    • Any assets that were purchased jointly during the relationship would be divided equally between the partners if they decide to break up.
    • Both parties are responsible for raising and caring for the children they have together.
    • You must both get independent legal advice from a lawyer before you sign. The document includes a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice for the lawyer to sign after seeing you.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    • Intended to be used only in the Province of Manitoba, Canada.
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    Last Updated: 27-January-2022
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