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    Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed Forms


    Avoid the probate process for your real estate property after your death by filing a Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed (Beneficiary Deed) form.

    • The Transfer on Death Deed (or TOD) is signed and recorded with the Recorder's Office during your lifetime.
    • Recordation transfers the title deed to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries).
    • Even though title has been transferred, you still retain full ownership rights to the property and you can deal with the property in any way you choose, without the consent of the beneficiary.
    • This package of forms also includes a Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed, if you decide you want to cancel the Transfer on Death Deed after it has been filed.
    • These Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed Forms are downloadable legal forms. Fill them in, sign them, have them notarized, and register them with the County Recorder.
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    Last Updated: 23-January-2021
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