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    Missouri Transfer on Death Deed Forms


    Arrange for your real estate property to pass to a beneficiary upon your death and avoid probate with these Missouri Transfer on Death Deed Forms.

    • The Transfer on Death Deed (also called a Beneficiary Deed or a TOD) is signed and filed with the Recorder's Office before the original owner passes away.
    • Although the deed is re-titled in the beneficiary's name at this time, the original owner still has rights to the property and can do whatever he or she pleases with the property until the time of his or her death, without the permission of the beneficiary.
    • The package also includes a Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed, in the event you want to cancel the Transfer on Death Deed after it has been filed.
    • These forms are downloadable and easy to use.
    • Intended to be used only in the State of Missouri.
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    Last Updated: 28-September-2022
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