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    Motion Picture Theatrical Distribution Agreement


    Prepare a Theatrical Distribution Agreement for a single motion picture with this standard form template.

    • The distributor gets exclusive and unrestricted rights to the theatrical, television and home video exhibition, distribution and exploitation of the picture, in all languages and versions, including music rights, dubbed or titled versions, and the right to edit the picture as the distributor deems necessary.
    • The distributor also gets ancillary rights, including literary and music publishing rights, merchandising, soundtrack recording rights, and the right to produce additional pictures, sequels or remakes of or based on the picture.
    • The producer reserves non-theatrical distribution of the picture for its own use.
    • The producer has paid or will pay and discharge all copyright claims and all other claims and rights with respect to the picture and all elements, including music, contained in the picture.
    • The distributor will have no contractual obligation under any contract or license made by the producer in connection with the picture.
    • The distributor will not be responsible for any payments to performing rights societies, unions and organizations, or for payment of any taxes or other amounts owing in connection with the distribution or exhibition of the picture.
    • The distributor will have complete, exclusive and unrestricted control over the distribution and exploitation of the picture (directly or through any sub-distributor or licensee).
    • The producer will be responsible for securing any necessary import permits or licenses.
    The Agreement includes the following Exhibits and Schedules:
    1. Delivery Manifest,
    2. Definition of Gross and Net Receipts,
    3. Certificate of Authorship,
    4. Short-Form Assignment,
    5. Certificate of Origin.

    This standard form Motion Picture Theatrical Distribution Agreement is a comprehensive and customizable template that includes all the paperwork you need to get the deal done.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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